2019 DTN Presidents Cup on Hilton Head Island – NOTE DATE CHANGE

Brothers, due to unforeseen circumstances the date for the 2019 Presidents Cup has been changed from October 10-13 to November 7-10. This is a firm date for planning purposes.

More details to follow over the next several days.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause but again November 7-10 is a firm date. 

We hope you can join us and all the best!

DTN Hilton Head Presidents


Brothers, just an update on the South Florida Golf Outing…at least that’s how we are describing it !!

Welcome Gathering Thursday evening, March 14
Golf and Dinner Friday, March 15
Golf and Dinner Saturday, March 16

So far we have the following participating:

Murphy Zimmer Schrader Mazza
Dee Whitney Muth Luongo
VanDura Steiner Keegan Smith
Gerathy Scarpelli

If you are interested or considering it, please let us know, there’s room for more.

Hotel reservations should be made asap:

Hampton Inn (At Immokalee and Interstae 75)
2630 Northbrooke Plaza Dr., Naples 239-596-1299
$236.00 per day includes breakfast and wi-fi

A second option is Ortus Hotel (Comfort Inn at Bonita Beach Rd. off Interstate 75)
9800 Bonita Beach Rd., Bonita Springs 239-992-5001
$199.79 per day

Hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving, and are THANKFUL FOR BEING A DELT.

“How bout them Delts”

Murph, Zum and Maz


Brothers, by popular demand, we are putting together another So.Florida Golf Outing. Dates are for early March and include:

Welcome gathering Thursday evening March 13th
Golf and Dinner Friday March 14th
Golf and Dinner Saturday March 15th
(“After that we would strongly appreciate it if you would get out of OUR TOWN as soon as possible”)

Five Tee times have been reserved (20 golfers), so your interest/plans to book a spot as soon as possible are important because its a busy time of year down here.

More details to follow about Lodging, Tee Times, Meeting places, etc.

How ‘Bout them Delts!

Murph, Zum, and Maz