graphic by DTN Brother Jerry Karl




How ‘Bout Them Delts! Founded at the University of Dayton in 1962 by 10 friends and colleagues with vision, the Founding Fathers sought to create a fraternal organization to further each member’s goals for social networking and fellowship. Today, many years later, it’s clear their vision has been met — and exceeded.

From 1962 until its untimely demise in 1981, the Delta Tau Nu Fraternity quickly earned (and continually reinforced) its reputation as a leading contributor to the social, academic, athletic and artistic community at UD. To this day, DTN maintains a charitable orientation with its Help-a-Delt program. In 2014, DTN created a Scholarship that has raised to date (June 2022) $250,000 and has already supported NINE worthy students, including two granddaughters of Founding Father Ray Pierce. The NEW goal is $500,000!

An active Alumni Committee is under the leadership of Brothers Joe Vandura (President) and Dan Perugini (Vice President), John Steiner (Sec’y/Treasurer),  John Heithaus (Marketing & Communications) and T. Graham Giusti (Security).

In June 2012, we held our Fiftieth Anniversary in 2012  and in 2016 we celebrated our 54th Anniversary with yet another Gala three-day celebration. Brothers from around the globe joined together to reconnect and establish new relationships for the years ahead. The next DTN Reunion is set for June 2023.

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In Memory of our Departed DTN Brothers

James “Ardie” Bonanno
John Brennan
Kevin “KB” Brennan
William T. Brooks, Jr.
Christian Caggiano
Marc Jean-Pierre Coustry
Roger Crosby
Thomas R. Dee
James A. “Bud” Dougherty
Tom Downard
Tom “Lefty” Dunlap
Richard G. Evanko, Sr.

Ken ”Tuna” Fischer, Jr.
Benjamin Frindel
Pat Gantt
John “Jack” Griffith
Joseph Grossi
David Guiltinan
Gregg Hauser
Robert “Bob” Ireton
Charles Philip Jacoby
William Jamison
Joseph Job
John Kiebel
F. Jan Kopis
Douglas Kramer
Michael Laboe
Allan J. Leff
Peter A. Leotta
Neil Looney, Jr.
Andrew L. Magazzu, Jr.
Jeffrey Marpe
Peter A. Martin
Thomas F. Morris
Herbert “Herb” Mason
John Leo O’Grady
Paul “Oney” O’Neill
Bernard “Sonny” Richardson
Bill Schrader
Fred Steele
Nicholas J. Tallen
William “Bill” Tapella
Dick Van Jura
Kenneth J. Veil
Roger Westendorf

DTN Founding Fathers

Mr. Jim Bearnes
Mr. Joe D’Orso
Mr. Dale Gilles
Mr. Thomas Merkle
Mr. Raymond Pierce
Mr. Ken Pompilio
Mr. Chris Saragaglia
Mr. Jack Schrader
Mr. Marty Tassoni
Mr. Jim Wolf


1981 Art Gannon
1980 Art Gannon
1979 Ridley Watts
1978 John Mulligan
1977 Paul Clarke
1976 Peter Martin
1975 Jerry Polcaro
1974 Rich Miskewicz
1973 Al Franzolino
1972 Dan Perugini
1971 Jim McCann
1970 Rich Hiegel
1969 Don Hiebel
1968 Tom Focke
1967 Bob Bray
1966 Dick Kramer
1965 Joe Sommers
1964 Ken Fischer
1963 Jack Schrader
1962 Marty Tassoni