Exceptional news about an exceptional man! 


    On Sunday, there’s a very nontraditional student graduating with a BA in CPUGHommunications. His story is newsworthy not only for his achievement but because he’s traveling from his home in San Francisco to walk as a Mother’s Day gift to his 86-year-old mother. She has been praying for this day for over 35 years.

    William “Bill” E Pugh, is 62. He was originally in the Class of 1975 but left UD in pursuit of a career in radio. His career began at WVUD which, at that time, was one of the few University-owned, commercial radio stations in the country. Although he found tremendous success in radio, the elephant in his room was that he never earned his degree from UD as did his five siblings and three of their spouses. His father also worked at UD in the computer department for many years.

    Bill contacted the Admissions Department and they created a plan for him to complete his requirements for graduation. The requirements were fulfilled over the past few years and he will walk at Sunday’s commencement where 20+ family and friends will be in attendance.

    In addition to the legacy aspect and his incredible loyalty to UD, Bill’s story also includes:
    *being the father of five
    *being a brother to Dave and Dan who also began their very successful radio and TV careers at WVUD. (The three are referred to as “radio royalty” by long time radio people.)
    *his popularity as a DJ (aka “Mr. Bill”) that took him to larger and larger markets and he then advanced and ended his radio career as program director and in management
    *in retirement, he began painting and now has art showcased in galleries in California and Ohio http://www.wepughart.com/
    *while at UD, he was a member of the legendary Delta Tau Nu fraternity