• Brother’s Meeting Notes and Updates September 2020

    We hope all of you and your families are well and safe. Here is an update for our planned activities and events over the next 10 months:


    1. *Presidents Cup in Hilton Head, SC – scheduled for September / October, 2020. This event will be cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic. We will continue to monitor the situation and when it is possible, we plan to reschedule this event.
    • *Bonita Springs, Florida Golf Outing – This event is pending based on the situation with a vaccine or cure for COVID 19. The schedule for Bonita Springs will be sometime in March, 2021. The executive committee will be meeting in early December and determine if the event will happen or be cancelled.

    *Note that we plan to hold these golf outings every other year in the future.

    • UD Reunion, June 10th – June 13th, 2021If UD moves forward with the reunion next June, Delta Tau Nu will plan on attending. If this is a go, we will start a call campaign to recruit Brothers for the reunion. The plan is to start sometime in the 1st quarter again based on the COVID 19 situation. I’m sure with everyone being cooped up for so long, we should get a big turnout for the event.
    • UD Scholarship Fund The program has supported a total of 9 students so far and 2 students per year. DTN Brothers have donated approximately $146,000 into the fund with a market value of $160,000.
      These numbers are a couple of months old and we will receive an update the end of September. Based on the increase in the stock market, our market value should increase over the current market value. Tom Conway will be contacting UD to see if it is possible for us to support more scholarships per year.

    Keep in mind that UD’s annual giving should be sent to you sometime in the 4th quarter. Don’t forget to “X” the box for with your donation to DTN:          

    X          Delta Tau Nu   $1000.00

    We (but more importantly the deserving students DTN sponsors) need your support. Please consider giving (click here), and thank you in advance for your support!

    • Help A Delt – Often times a brother may need help through these difficult times. It happens more than we think. If you know a brother that needs help, please contact John Geraghty. His email address is:

    This has been a successful program and we would like to help any brother that needs assistance. Also, this is totally confidential.

    We will be providing updates on a regular basis.

    In the meantime, please stay safe and well.


    Joe Vandura

    Danny Perugini