• UD History from Tom Conway

    I was cleaning up some of my office drawers today and came across some old stuff that needed to be “re-filed” and found this photo.  I don’t see the engineering building behind Baujan Field being built yet nor the library, so I’m pegging this around ’68-70??  I started in the fall of ’69, and this is pretty much the way it was then.  Simpler times for sure.
    I remember running my ass off across the “practice football field” outside of Founder’s headed for the ghetto trying to escape the mad group of 20+ pledges trying to scoop me to places unknown on the first night of pledging (fall ’71).  It was a valiant effort but I suspected Toad (pledgemaster) would be pulling some crap right off the bat.  Great memories.
    Hope everyone is safe and enjoying the summer.