• CHRISTMAS 2020 Letter to Brothers

    Christmas, 2020
    Greetings Brothers,This is not the letter that we would have expected to write for the holidays. First, we hope you and your families are safe and well. Christmas and the New Year are upon us and yet we are still wondering if a vaccine will arrive and cure the virus. Who would have thought that it was possible to lock down our country for 9 months and we all wonder if we will get through this? I know we will…. after all we are DELTS and that is who we are!!!!!!!

    This has been a tough year; a mental test. A pandemic which led to virus testing, not enough respirators, quarantining for 14 days, no NCAA tournament when the Flyers are #3, wearing a mask, social distancing, staying home, not seeing our families and friends. Did I miss anything?
    We have lost brothers; they will be missed (Artie and Willie, the Mayor). Guys, we are not getting any younger. Our last reunion was in June, 2018 and we also met in Hilton Head in 2019. I just hope things change before next summer. If we have a reunion next June, I expect all of you to do your best to show up one more time. We might not have another chance to make this happen.Though it’s not all doom and gloom. HELP IS ON THE WAY!!!! The Good news: Tom Conway has just completed an analysis for the Delta Tau Nu Scholarship Fund. We have had total outright donations of $148,278 ($146,847 through 6/30/2020 and $1,431 from 7/1/2020 to 12/4/2020, with more expected before year end). Awards to students to date have totaled $21,000, and an investment gain on the fund (as of 12/4/2020) of almost $32,851 giving us a current fund value of $160,129. Total Outright Contributions 
    $148,278 (aka “book value” – as of December 2020)Minus Awards to Students 
    $ 21,000 (total through 2020-2021 academic year)Sub-total $127,278Current Fund Value 
    $160,129 (est. market value – as of December 2020)Investment Results  $ 32,851 (Gain)Number of Awardees to date: 7 – (Weiging, Duffy, Garbsch, E. Pierce, Barry, T. Pierce, C. Reynolds – three of whom are DTN descendants/relatives, Ellie and Tess Pierce and Christian Reynolds.)

    In three of the seven years that we have made payments from the Fund, we made two payments/year in three of those years, for a total of ten payments/disbursements from the Fund, the eleventh will be second semester of this 2020-2021 academic year for Christian Reynolds.Our participation rate (brothers who have given divided by the total brotherhood) is about 21% (67/325). If you subtract those brothers who have died (33 – as of 12/20) and MIAs (34), the participation rate increases to 26% (67/258).

    How do you donate to the fund? Here are a couple of ways and it’s quick and easy:Donate through our website. Go to our website: http://deltataunu.com/. Click on “Scholarship” along the top bar. Click on “Click Here to Donate Now”. It is very intuitive. It walks you through the process step by step. If you get stuck, just call Valerie Mershimer-Mohr at 937.229.3089 and she will help you complete the process. It should only take 5 minutes from start to stop. This will take you about 5-10 minutes to do.You can write a check payable to University of Dayton. 
    Note Delta Tau Nu in the memo section of the check and mail to: University Advancement, University of Dayton, 300 College Park, Dayton, OH, 45409-7056 (the last four digits of the zip code are very important for routing to the proper department).When you receive your Annual Giving from UD, remember to check the box for: 

    DELTA TAU NU SCHOLARSHIP FUNDThe DTN Scholarship Fund has produced a lot of good over the eight plus years since it was launched. We would like every brother to be part of this perpetual DTN endowment but know that for many reasons that isn’t realistic.

    We all have big roles in life and not everyone can commit at this time, but please reconsider if you have not yet contributed. Our goal is to find the right way to get those brothers who haven’t as yet been able to fund the Scholarship, at whatever level, on a one-time or annual commitment, to become part of the Delta Tau Nu Scholarship Fund legacy. A gift can be as little as a check for a few dollars, or an annual goal of $25 or $50, or a more significant gift. Whatever would work for you will go a long way and will become part of the Delt legacy.

    We are asking for your support and your attendance at our next reunion. Also, we want to encourage those of us who have assets they may no longer need to explore the “gifting options” section for other ways to give that perhaps hadn’t been considered. It can result in a big win-win using some of those unique strategies.Our near-term donation goal is $200,000 with a longer-term goal to be determined at our next meeting.  

    Now is the time to give before tax time. We need to hit our goal. After all, it’s Christmas and a time of giving!We hope all of you have a great Christmas and a safe New Year.
    Let’s pray that 2021 is a different year and where we can meet again to toast to our health and brotherhood. Until we meet again!

    Happy Holidays,Joe, Danny and the DTN Alumni Association leadership